Born in the late 70's in North London, UK as Stewart Fowles I began mixing records and named

myself DJ Styla in 1993. Since then I have been on several London pirate radio stations and played in many clubs in the UK and abroad. In 2000 I started producing Breakbeat until around 2008 when I founded and stepped more into House music. 

In 2013 I formed London2Norwich Records to promote my music digitally that I produce under the alias 'Mildly Comfortable' and to showcase up and coming artists that I can hand pick.

My sets nowadays are mainly Deep Tech House orientated but there can often be some breakbeat elements to be found in my mixes and productions.

Thanks to friends, family and fans for the support you give me and my music which gives me the inspiration to achieve my goals and dreams.

Stewart Fowles aka DJ Styla


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